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No Limit Freestyle Logo No Limit Freestyle (NLF) is a label created in July 2006 by DJ Kuark on Wormnet 1 & 2 for Team 17 games Worms World Party (WWP) and Worms Armageddon (WA).

This is not a clan !!! No Limit Freestyle is an attitude.

But what is nlF attitude and what it is not, what is the spirit of it? You'll find next to the Hall Of Freestylers the basic principles of this attitude. The one that drives every single nlF fella. HF and let there be freestyle!

nlF videos

You'll find below the different videos made by nlF team members. These videos are compilations of best runs and tricks acheived during nlF sessions on and offline.   View All Videos

nlF Video - Freestyle Memories Part. 2
Freestyle Memories Part. 2 - Click to enlarge
This is "Freestyle Memories Part II", the new nlF video with the best of nlF sessions on Wormnet.

Maps & Map Packs

for WWP & W:A

This section contains 455 maps for Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon. There are some all time classics as well as new cool maps for crazy freestyling !   View All Maps

Latest Map Packs to download:

nlF Attitude

Basic Principles

nlF is not just a "cool" tag to walk around on Wormnet. Being nlF means having a good understanding of what the attitude is about.

Here are some (not all) basic principles I would like you to read before asking if you could join nlF:

  •  nlF and nlF players are fun and cool, above all,
  •  No matter who's winning or who's loosing as long as games are fun,
  •  Cowing or being cowed is not a big deal. Most cows are never done on purpose anyway,
  •  Losing all worms at the beginning of a game. Why have you watch all along? We rematch immediately,
  •  nlF is not about roping skillz but roping style (some "slow" ropers have very nice styles),
  •  nlF players are tolerant, kind and fairplay (or fun b##ches @ most).

If you believe you have the nlF attitude, then you can ask for a game with No Limit Freestyle Ambassadors on Wormnet.

Just drop few lines in the shoutBox to tell us who you are and what game you play the most, WA or WWP. Keep in mind "tryouts" are not a single game process. Ambassadors will play with you several times to get to know you before they could decide whether you could be nlF or not.

May the nlF powa be with you and HF

Hall Of Freestylers

We salute you !

KuarK <||> Founder
a0d <||> Veteran
JayX <||> Ambassador
Logan <||> Ambassador
RaiiZ <||> Ambassador
Statik <||> Ambassador
Thor <||> Ambassador
Alien <||> Freestyler
BigBilly <||> Freestyler
Boe <||> Freestyler
Brle <||> Freestyler
Capo <||> Freestyler
Carpe <||> Freestyler
Casper <||> Freestyler
chovas <||> Freestyler
Cry <||> Freestyler
Daesm (Snisko) <||> Freestyler
Dioz <||> Freestyler
Doberman <||> Freestyler
eNFoRcER <||> Freestyler
FireLord <||> Freestyler
FlatOut <||> Freestyler
Gambit <||> Freestyler
Godito <||> Freestyler
Golbuz <||> Freestyler
Heisenberg <||> Freestyler
Heske <||> Freestyler
Impossible <||> Freestyler
Jeremy <||> Freestyler
Ka1ser <||> Freestyler
KeNo <||> Freestyler
Killalot <||> Freestyler
Messir <||> Freestyler
n4zGuL <||> Freestyler
Nestea <||> Freestyler
Nettuzim <||> Freestyler
Risbo <||> Freestyler
Rodent <||> Freestyler
Rush <||> Freestyler
SBL <||> Freestyler
scrambled <||> Freestyler
Sk8kill <||> Freestyler
Smoke <||> Freestyler
Sound <||> Freestyler
TOMT <||> Freestyler
tuomatz <||> Freestyler
Veki <||> Freestyler
VooDoo <||> Freestyler
Warzed <||> Freestyler
Whitey <||> Freestyler
wild <||> Freestyler
z0di4c <||> Freestyler
Zwitter <||> Freestyler