No Limit Freestyle Roping Trick Demo Page

Roping is an art and you can achieve tremendous tricks with the rope.

I have made some GIF animations big size of the best tricks I can do. You'll be able to discover what dragon, skidow, warlock, backwash, inlaw, pump, kick, mexi, extended mexi, reverse inlaw, outlaw and combinations of tricks together as well look like. Just select a trick name in the dropdown menus on the right-hand column.

These animations have been made using the excellent video export feature from WA. If you have some cool replays and want to have your animation on nlF, let me know in the shoutbox.

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nlF Roping Trick Demo Gallery

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Impossible - Around The World
Impossible - Around The World - Click to enlarge
Here is a cool impossible variation. I called it "Around the world". You can figure out why !!! Raiiz did some cool ones in previous warmer sessions but not as wide !!! Enjoy ;o) (12 comments)

Jesus - Original Move
Jesus - Original Move - Click to enlarge
Here is a weird trick possible with TestStuff on. Perform a kick with the chute on to bounce on the roof with low angle and enough speed. The worm will skim on the water before chute opens. You can throw the rope back and continue roping !!! I've called it the "Jesus". Enjoy !!! (32 comments)

Dreamer - Double Dreamer
Dreamer - Double Dreamer - Click to enlarge
Statik is still on fire. He gives us this sexy double dreamer which is a nice new variation of the Dreamer. Enjoy fellas !!! (17 comments)

Plunger - To Nova
Plunger - To Nova - Click to enlarge
Here is a new variation of the plunger extremely well executed by Statik: The Plunger to Nova. This is one of the sexiest trick ever. Good job my friend!!! (19 comments)

Overdrive - Original Extended
Overdrive - Original Extended - Click to enlarge
The challenge was Open and Statik wins !!! Here is the Extended Overdrive at last !!! Not a lot to say except it is a real pain to get it right : Speed, bounce, timing ... Very good job my friend ;o) (10 comments)

Ghost Grenade Drop
Ghost Grenade Drop - Click to enlarge
This glitch is rather interesting as you can perform a scoring drop with it : Drop a grenade with a certain angle with water drop at the right level for proper. You hear the grenade plop but it bounces, fly through the map and kaboom. Cool isn't it ? (23 comments)

Drive-Out - To Pinball Gap
Drive-Out - To Pinball Gap - Click to enlarge
This is another cool trick on the set of maps designed by Carpe: Drive-out followed by a pinball landing through a wall gap. Smooth isn't it ? xD (27 comments)

Mexi - Elevator to Mexi
Mexi - Elevator to Mexi - Click to enlarge
Here is a cool trick done on a newly designed map by Carpe. It starts with an elevator followed by a smooth mexi all the way up and down ! (16 comments)

Drive-In - To Ness
Drive-In - To Ness - Click to enlarge
This demo is a tribute to our first she nlF roper, Nestea, who did this sexy Drive-In to Ness. The Ness is normally a rope race move used for fast transitions down. Here it is done on a WxW map. Nestea doing a Ness, how ironic, isn't it? ;o) (19 comments)

Plunger - To Touchdown
Plunger - To Touchdown - Click to enlarge
Here is the first variation of Plunger : The Plunger to Touchdown. This is a groovy trick as it mixes two nlF Original Tricks. Very well executed (again!) by Statik. (15 comments)

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