No Limit Freestyle Roping Trick Demo Page

Roping is an art and you can achieve tremendous tricks with the rope.

I have made some GIF animations big size of the best tricks I can do. You'll be able to discover what dragon, skidow, warlock, backwash, inlaw, pump, kick, mexi, extended mexi, reverse inlaw, outlaw and combinations of tricks together as well look like. Just select a trick name in the dropdown menus on the right-hand column.

These animations have been made using the excellent video export feature from WA. If you have some cool replays and want to have your animation on nlF, let me know in the shoutbox.

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nlF Roping Trick Demo Gallery

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Almighty Leap - Reverse, Original Move
Almighty Leap - Reverse, Original Move - Click to enlarge
And last but not least of the series: The Reverse Almighty Leap. Starting with an Inlaw and finishing with a Reverse Leap-In. You can find numerous maps where you can acheive all these reverse tricks. Enjoy !!! (20 comments)

Leap of Faith - Reverse, Orginal Move
Leap of Faith - Reverse, Orginal Move - Click to enlarge
Now you talk !!! Here is a logical but sexy extension of the Reverse Dreamer: the Reverse Leap of Faith. It now ends with a Reverse Leap-In of course. (11 comments)

Overdrive - Reverse, Original Move
Overdrive - Reverse, Original Move - Click to enlarge
moO tried some time ago a trick she wanted to call "Underdrive". After the Reverse creative session, it happened to be a Reverse Overdrive. She is the "mother" of this trick and here is a "sexier" animation of it ;o) (8 comments)

Dreamer - Reverse, Original Move
Dreamer - Reverse, Original Move - Click to enlarge
After a little confusion, here is the real Reverse Dreamer. The previous one displayed on nlF was actually a Dark Dreamer as it was using an Extended / Dark Mexi. This one starts like a dragon, continues with a kick and and with a Reverse Drive-In. It is Reverse spirit all the way to the finish !!! (7 comments)

Leap-In - Reverse, Original Move
Leap-In - Reverse, Original Move - Click to enlarge
Same here. Reverse Leap-In was in the video Freestyle Memories Part II and executed by moO. However, it is important to get how it works to be able to do the reverse tricks displayed after. (9 comments)

Drive-In - Reverse, Original Move
Drive-In - Reverse, Original Move - Click to enlarge
This trick has been done some time ago by Statik but is part of an introduction to a set of new reverse tricks. This Reverse Drive-In is the basic move you need to get the harder tricks after ;o) (6 comments)

Stairway - Wall Stairway to Pinball
Stairway - Wall Stairway to Pinball - Click to enlarge
This was definitely a job for Statik: A Wall Stairway to Pinball. You need a perfect tapping to get this trick right as you have half the way of a regular Stairway and a wall to dodge to do it properly !!! Coming soon in nlF trickraces so you'd better go practising !!! (7 comments)

Wizard - Reverse, Regular Start
Wizard - Reverse, Regular Start - Click to enlarge
On the original move animation people might think you need the wall spike to get it right. The Reverse Wizard can also be acheived without touching a wall. Practice and you'll see it's pretty cool to get it right ;o) (7 comments)

Wizard - Reverse, Original Move
Wizard - Reverse, Original Move - Click to enlarge
I can't beleive we missed that trick for so long. This is the exact same pattern as Reverse Spike but with a Wizard: Here is the Reverse Wizard. Coming next, the Reverse Warlock and the Reverse Backwash. Stay tuned !!! (10 comments)

Dreamer - Sweet Dream, Original
Dreamer - Sweet Dream, Original - Click to enlarge
Here is a fun trick most of us might have done or been close to do it when we try double dragon, dreamer or impossible. You miss the corner, but you hang back on the roof. There you add a drive-in to get the Sweet Dream, a Dreamer coming from under !!! (10 comments)

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