No Limit Freestyle Roping Trick Demo Page

Roping is an art and you can achieve tremendous tricks with the rope.

I have made some GIF animations big size of the best tricks I can do. You'll be able to discover what dragon, skidow, warlock, backwash, inlaw, pump, kick, mexi, extended mexi, reverse inlaw, outlaw and combinations of tricks together as well look like. Just select a trick name in the dropdown menus on the right-hand column.

These animations have been made using the excellent video export feature from WA. If you have some cool replays and want to have your animation on nlF, let me know in the shoutbox.

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nlF Specials Demo Gallery

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Pixel Move - Pixel to Dragon to Crate
Pixel Move - Pixel to Dragon to Crate - Click to enlarge
Thsi is a cool sequence on my newest pixel maps. Pixel then draon and finally you get the crate! (112 comments)

Shadow - Extreme Landing
Shadow - Extreme Landing - Click to enlarge
A shadow is basic roping. A shadow done there, is about precision. I love it aven if it's kinda useless. (8 comments)

Skidow - Long One
Skidow - Long One - Click to enlarge
Skidow is hard to get. On Punisher W8W map it is even harder as the last shadow is really tough to do. But nothing is impossible! (14 comments)

Reverse Inlaw
Reverse Inlaw - Click to enlarge
Reverse inlaw is one tricky move. No need to comment it any further. Enjoy! (11 comments)

Skidow - Click to enlarge
How said, only warmer is dedicaed to freestyle? WxW maps are very nice playgrounds as weel, even for skidow! (118 comments)

Extended Mexi
Extended Mexi - Click to enlarge
Some cool wxw maps allow you to perform it, so try it! Extended mexi is so cool to achieve. (9 comments)

Skidow - From Downtown
Skidow - From Downtown - Click to enlarge
Like dragon and other tricks, skidow can be done almost any where. Here is an example of a skidow performed from a very low spot on a warmer map. (6 comments)

Mexi To Mexi
Mexi To Mexi - Click to enlarge
What is better after a very nice mexi than a mexi back to where you started? Nothing! (11 comments)

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