No Limit Freestyle Roping Trick Demo Page

Roping is an art and you can achieve tremendous tricks with the rope.

I have made some GIF animations big size of the best tricks I can do. You'll be able to discover what dragon, skidow, warlock, backwash, inlaw, pump, kick, mexi, extended mexi, reverse inlaw, outlaw and combinations of tricks together as well look like. Just select a trick name in the dropdown menus on the right-hand column.

These animations have been made using the excellent video export feature from WA. If you have some cool replays and want to have your animation on nlF, let me know in the shoutbox.

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nlF Specials Demo Gallery

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Nova - In Da Hole
Nova  - In Da Hole - Click to enlarge
Nova is a cool and smooth trick. When you acheive it with a landing in a tiny hole like on this animation, this is orgasmic. Thanks Messir for it !!! (5 comments)

Mexi - Through the Roof
Mexi - Through the Roof - Click to enlarge
When you play a map, the funniest thing is to imagine the craziest trick you can acheive on it. This roof mexi is a perfect example of it. It's very well executed by our nlF fella Smoke ! (8 comments)

Skidow - Tough One
Skidow - Tough One - Click to enlarge
There are already a lot of Skidow around NLF Trick Demo animations, but it's always so cool to watch. Here is one perfectly executed by our nlF fella SBL on Biermann's map. Enjoy !!! (5 comments)

Pixel Move - Reverse Inlaw to Ext. Mexi
Pixel Move - Reverse Inlaw to Ext. Mexi - Click to enlarge
On pixel maps, you can acheive a lot of cool tricks. This Reverse Inlaw on Pix to Pix Extended Mexi is the perfect example. This is smooth and so sexy !!! (6 comments)

Dragon - On Low Gravity
Dragon - On Low Gravity - Click to enlarge
I'm really fond of low gravity lately. So, I tried weird tricks that could not be acheived without it, just like this huge dragon the map !!! The timing is weird but here it is. I find this pretty sexy, don't you? (10 comments)

Skidow - On Low Gravity
Skidow - On Low Gravity - Click to enlarge
One real fun way to rope is to use low gravity. Mouvements are smooth. Tricks like shadow are just like hangtime. And last thing, with a good control, you can fly way longer than on normal gravity. This skidow is only acheivable on Low Gravity so enjoy !!! (7 comments)

Reverse Inlaw - Outlaw Start
Reverse Inlaw - Outlaw Start - Click to enlarge
This is a fat trick very well executed ! Couple of months ago I introduced you the Reverse Inlaw. Messir enhances it with this Outlaw to Reverse Inlaw from the Pixel. Stylish and long, this trick rox ! (9 comments)

Pixel Move - Outlaw to Pixel Skidow
Pixel Move - Outlaw to Pixel Skidow - Click to enlarge
New pixel maps offer new trick possibilities like this very nice Outlaw to Skidow from the pixel very well executed by Messir. Good Job ! (5 comments)

Skidow - Pixel Landing
Skidow - Pixel Landing - Click to enlarge
Wild asked for it and there it is: Skidow to Pixel. Not a lot more to say as there are already many Skidows on the site. Just enjoy ;o) (5 comments)

Pixel Move - Backwash From Pixel
Pixel Move - Backwash From Pixel - Click to enlarge
Harder than a Skidow is Backwash. But when a Backwash is performed from a tiny little pixel, you're reaching heaven. Big up for Messir and his perfect execution of this Backwash from a pixel!!! (5 comments)

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