No Limit Freestyle Roping Trick Demo Page

Roping is an art and you can achieve tremendous tricks with the rope.

I have made some GIF animations big size of the best tricks I can do. You'll be able to discover what dragon, skidow, warlock, backwash, inlaw, pump, kick, mexi, extended mexi, reverse inlaw, outlaw and combinations of tricks together as well look like. Just select a trick name in the dropdown menus on the right-hand column.

These animations have been made using the excellent video export feature from WA. If you have some cool replays and want to have your animation on nlF, let me know in the shoutbox.

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nlF Specials Demo Gallery

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Dragon - Triple Dragon
Dragon - Triple Dragon - Click to enlarge
When FireLord is on fire (huh?) he can do amazing stuff. Here is the Triple Dragon! We all knew this trick before, but have you ever tried to do it? Go practice! ;) (220 comments)

I'll Be Back - To Pinball
I'll Be Back - To Pinball - Click to enlarge
I did this trick many time ago, but couldn't find a proper name for it. Also I don't want to invent any special names for Dreamer and Overdrive ended with Pinball. Some of you should remember the "I'll Be Back" trick (also mentioned in Kevin's original Drive-In), so there is a speedy variation of it followed by Pinball. Enjoy! (59 comments)

Mexi - Elevator to Mexi
Mexi - Elevator to Mexi - Click to enlarge
Here is a cool trick done on a newly designed map by Carpe. It starts with an elevator followed by a smooth mexi all the way up and down ! (16 comments)

Mexi - "Double" Mexi
Mexi -
After the "Double" Dragon, here is the "Double" Mexi very well executed by Smecta. I like these combo tricks a lot !!! So bring'em on for the next animations on nlF !!! (9 comments)

Pump to Multiple Kick
Pump to Multiple Kick - Click to enlarge
Kevin keeps on being very productive with his pumpy style. Here is a cool sequence on a warmer map with this pump to a quintuple kick. Very nice my friend! (18 comments)

Pinballs - Extreme Pinballs
Pinballs - Extreme Pinballs - Click to enlarge
When Logi is on fire, his roping style is based on pinball combos all the way around. These "Extended" pinballs are a perfect example of this style. Good job Logito powa !!! (14 comments)

Butterfly - Wall Pump to Wizard
Butterfly - Wall Pump to Wizard - Click to enlarge
This one is a nice combo very well done by BigBilly. It's a Wall Pump to Wizard. Between us we call it "Butterfly". Good job my friend ! (21 comments)

Pump Mexi Start
Pump Mexi Start - Click to enlarge
This is a very nice Pump Mexi Start very well executed by our nlF fella Kevin. Way to go up-up-up my friend !!! (13 comments)

Dragon - Double Dragon
Dragon - Double Dragon - Click to enlarge
This trick is the kind of cool thing you can acheive on a WxW map when you get wicked ! I call it "Double" Dragon because it is not a single trick, more a cool combo including the fast last Dragon. Enjoy !!! (25 comments)

Mexi - Right In Da Hole
Mexi  - Right In Da Hole - Click to enlarge
After the Nova in the hole, the challenge was to land a Mexi. Smoke took the challenge very seriously and there it is: A cool Mexi right in da hole. Big Up !!! (3 comments)

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